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Dusk Peterson

Songvids for my fics: original gen and slash, darkfic and BDSM

Cover for Crossing the Cliff

Thought you folks might be interested in the songvids that I've been creating recently for my original fiction. You can watch the vids online or download them. You can find the summaries to the stories either by watching the vids or by clicking on the links to the stories. Boilerplate warning for my stories (as well as my vids).

Crossing the Cliff. Gen, fantasy, darkfic, master/apprentice tale. The story (PG for violence).

Blood Vow. Gen (with het subplots), fantasy, darkfic, friendship fiction. The story (PG-13, mainly for violence).

Bard of Pain. Gen, fantasy, darkfic. The story (PG-13 for violence).

Turn-of-the-Century Toughs. Slash/gen, historical fantasy, darkfic, romance and friendship fiction. There are two versions of the video, one briefly explicit, one non-explicit. Both are not safe for work (unless you have the kind of boss who hangs over your shoulder while you're looking at slash art, saying, "Oo, shiny!"). The series (ranges from PG-13 to R).

Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers. Slash, contemporary, BDSM. The video is non-explicit - unless you consider bootblacking explicit, which some of us certainly do :) - but is not safe for work. The story (adults only).

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